Fully equipped.
We make sure that every move is
smooth as possible.

Equipment Carried.

All vehicles are fully equipped.

Each of our vehicles carries professional removal equipment as used in the trade to enhance our service and safeguard your personal treasured possessions whilst in transit.

Removal transit blankets – Very dense grey woollen blankets specifically for the purpose of wrapping and separating polished furniture, pictures, mirrors, vases etc whilst in transit to stop friction and bumping together.

Removal van ties – Long herring bone cloth straps used to secure furniture and loads to the sides of the vehicle whilst in transit, in order to stop movement and items from touching each other whilst on the move

Removal van ramp – All our vehicles are fitted with an entry ramp which slides in and pulls out from beneath the vehicle when loading and unloading your possessions, this allows ease of access to the vehicle, efficiency and alleviates pressure on our men’s legs whilst moving your treasured possessions on your chosen day.

Heavy duty runners – Long pieces of extra thick underlay which we roll out in hallways and heavy traffic areas at your home to alleviate wear and tear on your carpets and flooring on removal day.

Foldaway sack truck – A strong durable lightweight folding sack truck which comes in handy during removals, especially if there is a long distance to travel with boxes e.g., in a retirement home or office move.

Furniture dolly – A heavy duty board with 4 heavy duty casters fitted to the underside, rather like a big skateboard for moving furniture over long distances.

Tool kit – A toolkit containing screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, for use should we be dismantling and re-erecting furniture, should we have to take a door off, disconnect cookers and washing machines.

First Aid kit – Plasters, bandages etc in the unlikely occurrence that one of our staff catches themselves on door frames, pebble dashed walls etc.

Torches – For working under stairs, cellars, attics, garden sheds, disconnecting washing machines etc, where there is no lighting or it is getting dark.

Sweeping brush – After every removal the removal vehicle is swept completely clean prior to its next job.


We have the required equipment to ensure your move is smooth and your valuables are carefully transported using our dedicated removal vans.

Why You Should Choose Us

East Lancs Removals have been in the industry for many years and we have extensive experience in removals ranging from house to compete office moves. So you can be assured to get the best service every time.


All staff are trained and experienced in all aspects of removals. Our quotation includes all factors associated specifically with your removal. We make your day stress free as possible.