Q. How long will a removal take?

A. Depends on how much there is to be moved, how far, any access difficulties, conveyance delays.

Q. Do you charge by the hour or per job?

A. We quote per hour; all quotations are based upon an estimation of time to complete the job in question.

Q. Can I help and you only send 1 man and a van?

A. No, you are not trained and have no experience of moving furniture we are a professional removal company not man n van, we only use our own trained staff, and also members of the general public are not covered by our insurances.

Q. Will you charge more if I live in an apartment, block of flats?

A. Yes, because it will take longer to move everything, so the quotation/price will be higher.

Q. If I take all the small stuff in my car, will you just move the big stuff to save me some money?

A. Yes, less to move, reduces the price.

Q. If there are delays with getting the keys to my new property, will you charge more?

A. We normally ascertain if you are in a chain etc and incorporate a certain element of waiting time into the quotation (up to 2 hrs); unacceptable lengthy delays (3-4-5 hrs) will be added to the final bill.